Medical Staff Officers

2022 Medical Staff Officers

Chief of Staff: Dr. Rolf Morstead
Vice Chief of Staff: Dr. Hill Hinkle
Secretary: Dr. Michael Barnidge

2022 Medical Staff Leadership

Chair, Department of Medicine: Dr. James G. Smith, Jr.; Chief Medical Information Officer
Vice Chair, Department of Medicine: Dr. Mike Sampognaro
Chair, Department of Surgery: Dr. Bart Liles
Vice Chair, Department of Surgery: Dr. Patrick Smith

Section Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Dawn Pennebaker
Section Vice Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Laura Petty
Section Chair, Pediatrics: Dr. Kim Malmay
Section Vice Chair, Pediatrics: Dr. Mitra Green
Section Chair, Radiology: Dr. Blake McGehee
Section Vice Chair, Radiology: Dr. Michael Barnidge
Section Chair, Pathology: Dr. Richard Blanchard, Jr.
Section Vice Chair, Pathology: Dr. Stephen Blanchard
Section Chair, Emergency Medicine: Dr. Louie Crook, Jr.
Section Vice Chair, Emergency Medicine: Dr. Paul Petty
Chair, Anesthesiology: Dr. Rushton Jones
Section Vice Chair, Anesthesiology: Dr. Johnathan Beebe
Chair, Credentials Committee: Dr. W. Jerry Liles
Chair, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee: Dr. John Bruchhaus

At Large Member: Dr. Bernie McHugh
Ad hoc MEC Member: Dr. Amber Shemwell