Busting Flu Myths

Myth - The flu shot can give me the flu.
Fact - Because flu viruses used in flu shots are inactive, they do no cause infection.

Myth - Flu shots are not proven to prevent the flu.
Fact - If you get the flu shot, you are 60% less likely to get the flu.

Myth - It is better to get the flu than the flu shot.
Fact - Getting the flu shot provides benefits such as reducing illness and preventing lost time from work.

Myth - You can skip years between flu shots.
Fact - A flu shot is needed every season because the particular strains of flu that are dominant change each year. Researchers develop a brand new flu shot every single year.

Myth - I should wait to get the flu shot so that I'm covered through the end of the season
Fact - People should get a flu shot as soon as they are available because they take about two weeks to become effective.