Billing and Insurance

Financial Counselors are assigned to assist in handling the financial assistance and insurance aspects of your inpatient hospital visit. If you have any questions while in the hospital, or post discharge, call the Financial Counselor located within the hospital at (318) 966-4110 Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm for assistance with your account. 

Patients with Insurance or Medicare

We will bill your insurance carrier for the cost of your hospital stay. However, you are responsible and are required to pay any deductibles and charges not covered by your insurance. Based upon your insurance coverage, a deposit may be required prior to admission and it is necessary that arrangements be made for settling your bill before being discharged from the hospital. All medical expenses not covered by insurance are due and payable at the time of discharge. Your assistance in providing forms and information to your insurance company is appreciated.

Throughout your hospital stay your case is being periodically reviewed to determine whether hospitalization continues to be necessary. If hospitalization is determined to be no longer medically necessary after consultation with your physician and insurance company, your insurance company may no longer pre-certify your stay. This does not mean you must leave the hospital, however you will be responsible for any further charges because your insurance carrier will no longer reimburse the hospital for your stay. You may be asked for a deposit at that time.

Patients Without Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, deposits are required prior to registration, based on individual medical problems and estimated length of stay. Financial Assistance may be available to those uninsured and who are unable to pay. Please contact one of our financial counselors at (318) 966-4115 or (318) 966-4110. For information and additional details visit our Financial Assistance Policy page.

Your Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill pays many skilled people serving you 24 hours a day. It pays for the modern drugs and advanced equipment needed for your health care, your private room, carefully planned meals and personalized around-the-clock professional care.

Your hospital bill will include all of the hospital charges for treatment and services rendered to you. The bill does not include charges for physicians involved in your care such as your personal physician, surgeon, pathologist, radiotherapist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician, radiologist, or other physician consultants. You will receive separate bills from these physicians.

If you have any questions concerning bills you may call the Business Office at (855) 435-1426. The mailing address is Business Office, St. Francis Medical Center, P.O. Box 1901, Monroe, LA 71210-1901.