Going Home

We know hospitalization can be difficult. From the moment you become our patient, our goal is to get you back home as quickly and safely as possible.

Our discharge goal is 11 am daily on most units. Please make every effort to be ready to leave by this time (i.e., have transportation arranged, etc.). If you will not be able to meet this goal, please notify your nurse so alternate arrangements may be made. Since many factors can impact your time of discharge, (i.e., waiting on diagnostic results, etc.), your nurse will keep you informed if your discharge will be later than 11 am.

If you discover you have lost an item once you return home, please contact our Security department by calling (318) 966-7232. Lost items are kept for 30 days.

Following discharge from the hospital, you may receive a patient satisfaction survey. We hope you will complete the survey as we value your input to help us continually improve our care and services.