Safety and Security


Your personal safety and security are important to us. St. Francis Medical Center has its own Security department monitoring the entire complex. If you wish to speak to a security officer at any time, dial (318) 966-7232 (or 7232 from your patient room phone).The hospital, including parking areas, is monitored by video cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a family member or visitor would feel more comfortable being escorted by a Security Officer to parking areas, an officer will be happy to do so upon request.

If you should find anything out of the ordinary that could jeopardize safety, please report it immediately to anyone on our staff or call Security at (318) 966-7232.

Most doors at the hospital are locked from 8:30 pm to 5 am Monday through Friday and on weekends. During the day, guests may enter the hospital as usual, but after 8:30 pm guests must use the hospital's Emergency Room entrance.


Patients are asked not to bring items of value to the hospital, such as jewelry or cash. Upon emergency hospital admission, send valuables home with family members or ask your nurse to help you deposit items in the hospital safe. If no family is present, ask the nurse to make arrangements to secure your valuables in the hospital safe. The hospital does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited in the safe. Your nurse will help you retrieve your item(s) from the safe upon discharge. Unclaimed items are turned in to the Security office where they are kept for 30 days. To inquire about lost items contact Security at (318) 966-7232.

Lost and Found

Prevention is the key to lost and found. Patients play a critical role in ensuring their property does not become lost. Please do not place hearing aids, dentures, rings, cell phones or other items on the tray table or under pillows. Store those types of items in the bedside stand when not in use. If you discover you have lost an item, please notify your nurse immediately and every effort will be made to help locate the item. Unclaimed items are turned in to the Security office where they are kept for 30 days. To inquire about lost articles, call Security at (318) 966-7232.