Pediatric Care Facilities

At St. Francis, we know your child’s health and happiness, and having access to services and specialists who understand the unique care they deserve really matters to you. We’re proud to provide the most extensive pediatric services in the region including pediatric cardiology, neurosurgery and neurology.

The Pediatric team at St. Francis strives to put a kind, human face on healthcare. Our services include an 11-bed pediatric unit and a 6-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), the only PICU in Northeast Louisiana. The entire area is decorated to make your child’s stay more pleasant, safe and secure. We also care for family members, providing a comfortable sleep chair and a courtesy meal for one parent.

Our playroom offers a supervised area for children where games and other age-appropriate toys are provided. Wagons are available so that children who are unable to visit the playroom can take a ride.

Procedures such as blood drawing, IV starts and lumbar punctures are done in our treatment room so that the child knows his or her room is a “safe place.” The treatment room offers brightly-painted ceiling tiles to help keep children entertained.

Pediatric nurses are trained to care for patients ranging from critically ill children in the PICU, to those on the pediatric floor recovering from minor surgery or medical treatment. Pediatric nurses have to be skilled in all developmental stages, so when children feel anxious or fearful, and nothing seems “safe,” the pediatric nurse meets not only their physical needs, but helps with their emotional and spiritual needs as well. At St. Francis, we care about our kids.

St. Francis offers, in conjunction with physicians from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, a satellite clinic for pediatric pulmonology at St. Francis Community Health Center on Tower Drive in Monroe.