Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions will help you prepare for childbirth St. Francis Medical Center. If you have more questions, please contact your OB/GYN.

Registration & Visitation

What is the pre-registration process?

We encourage all moms-to-be to pre-register for their stay with us during the second trimester of pregnancy. Providing your personal data and insurance information is the first step in our exciting journey together preparing for the arrival of your special delivery. Call (318) 966-3328, Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What will my insurance cover?

A financial counselor will contact you during your third trimester with detailed information about estimated out-of-pocket expenses associated with your delivery. Want to get a head start? Call one of our friendly financial counselors Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at (318) 966-4118. Payment plans are available. Alleviate concerns about insurance coverage by calling your insurance provider prior to admission to pre-certify the delivery. Your provider will explain the normal allowable stay.

Do you offer open or flexible visiting hours?

St. Francis Medical Center has open visiting hours (outside of COVID-19) for your spouse/partner/support person. We want you to have all the time you need to capture and cherish these moments with those closest to you. You and your baby need to have some alone time to foster that special bond and get some rest. It’s okay to set guidelines and let your nurse know when you need a few moments alone with your baby. To assist, we set aside some Quiet Time for you from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Visitation is limited during these times. Also, we made accommodations for one adult to stay in the room with you overnight.

How many people are allowed in the birthing room?

The birth of your baby is an exciting time, so in order to help you and your family share this moment, you can choose to allow up to two support people into the labor and birth room with you. However, due to COVID-19, we have adjusted our visitor policies and procedures. Learn more about these guidelines on our hospital visitor’s page.

Can my other children visit?

Family and friends play an integral part in the health and well-being of patients. That's why St. Francis Medical Center encourages the presence and participation of visitors in our patients' care. However, due to COVID-19 we have adjusted our visitor policies and procedures. Learn more about these guidelines on our hospital visitor's page.

Where do we park when we get to the hospital?

St. Francis Medical Center offers FREE valet service as well as shuttle service to and from our parking facilities. We have self-parking available in our parking garage for our patients and visitors.

Preparing for Delivery

How long can I expect to stay in the hospital after delivery?

The usual stay for a vaginal delivery is 24-48 hours; 72-96 hours for a cesarean birth. We do everything in our power to ensure you and your baby have a comfortable stay during the important bonding time after delivery. A main focus of our nursing care is to provide parents with instructions on caring for their new baby.

Do you allow outside photographers?

Absolutely! This is an exciting time of memories that will last a lifetime. You and your loved ones may choose to bring in a photographer to capture these special moments. However, due to COVID-19, additional visitors are not allowed, so taking pictures will be the responsibility of the mother’s support person.

What is your policy on formula and pacifiers?

The decision is yours if you would prefer to allow your child to receive formula and use pacifiers.

Are breast pumps available?

Hospital-grade Medela breast pumps are available, if requested or needed.

What will happen if I need a C-Section?

With more than 1,500 babies born annually under our skillful, compassionate watch, the team at St. Francis Medical Center is ready to meet your unique healthcare needs to help ensure you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

What are my pain management options?

Having a baby is hard work. Some women experience more pain than others. St. Francis Medical Center supports natural childbirth, but we also want to make you as comfortable as possible in every stage. Tell us how much assistance you need. We have on-site anesthesia services available any time of the day or night, even on weekends and on holidays.

Will my baby be separated from me right after birth?

The special connection between you and your baby begins long before birth. Skin-to-skin bonding for at least one hour immediately after birth enhances that connection and offers many benefits to both you and your baby. Immediately after birth, your baby is placed directly on your chest and covered with two receiving blankets for at least an hour. You and your significant other are encouraged to enjoy this experience as often as desired while in the hospital and once you return home.

Do you offer breastfeeding support?

Let's face it, there's a lot to know about breastfeeding. Have questions? We have answers. Our internationally certified team of Lactation Consultants is ready to assist seven days a week, even on holidays. Expecting and want to get a head start on breastfeeding your baby? Visit our online calendar and sign up for a free virtual breastfeeding class.

Will I have breastfeeding support after leaving the hospital?

Yes, our Breastfeeding Hotline is available 24/7 by calling (318) 966-4043

What is cord blood banking?

Saving, or “banking,” your newborn’s cord blood stem cells is a one-time opportunity to protect the health of your family. Stem cells from cord blood have been used to treat certain types of leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia, severe sickle cell, and other diseases. St. Francis Medical Center does not offer cord blood banking; however, we will save the umbilical cord and placenta upon request. Talk with your physician about the cord blood banking process.

Your Stay With Us

What are your dining arrangements?

Your physician will work with the Registered Dietitians and Dietary staff at St. Francis Medical Center to ensure you receive meals with the proper nutrients you need during your stay. We have a variety of foods available to accommodate many different dietary needs. Ask your nurse for more information. Guest meals are available for purchase.

What is the process for acquiring a birth certificate for my baby?

Someone from St. Francis Medical Center will contact you for information to complete your baby’s birth certificate. Some of the items you will need to include are the baby’s full name and date of birth, both parents’ place of birth, social security numbers, and highest level of education completed.

Once the information you provide is entered into the system, the same representative will review the document with you and have you sign the birth certificate. It will then go through several more steps before you receive a certified copy. If you have any questions, call (318) 966-4288 for more information.

What are your guidelines for infant security?

Our staff shares with you the responsibility of protecting your infant, and understands that an educated and watchful parent is the best line of defense in infant security. Here are some guidelines you should review before your admittance to the hospital. A comprehensive infant security program is in place at St. Francis Medical Center, which your nurse will review with you once you have been admitted.

  • Become familiar with the hospital staff that work on the unit and in the nursery, and know the nurse assigned to your baby. 
  • Question unfamiliar persons entering your room or inquiring about your baby even if they are in hospital attire. Alert the nurses’ station immediately. 
  • NEVER give your baby to anyone but your primary nurse and question anyone who attempts to carry your baby out of your room. 
  • Determine where your baby will be taken for tests and how long the tests will take. Find out who has authorized the tests. 
  • NEVER leave your baby alone in your room. 
  • When your baby is in your room, keep the bassinet beside your bed, on the side furthest from the door. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the staff about any security questions you may have. 
  • Please help us by educating your family and friends about infant security issues. While our policies are not meant to inconvenience them in any way, please abide by the rules and adhere to established visiting hours. 
  • Please do not carry your infant in the hallways. Always transport your infant in his/her bassinet. 

In addition, the Safe Place infant security system is in place to ensure your newborn is always in a safe, secure environment. Your newborn will have a monitor on their ankle from birth until discharge. All visitors are required to show a picture ID and check-in with security upon arrival to the hospital.

Leaving The Hospital

Do I need to have a car seat in order to leave the hospital?

Yes. You must have a properly installed car seat and know how to use it.