Design Your Birth Experience

Every birth is unique, memorable, and personal. Your Personalized Birth Plan is your chance to share with us how you want your labor and delivery to proceed. Your healthcare team can help guide you and make sure no important detail is left out.

While St. Francis Medical Center supports natural childbirth, we recognize your birth plan is based on your wishes. Here’s a list of some of the delivery options and other maternity services to consider as you develop your birth plan.

Understanding Your Childbirth Delivery Options

  • Delivery options (vaginal, cesarean section)
  • Natural childbirth (minimal or no use of pain medication)
  • On-site anesthesia services 24/7
  • Umbilical cord-cutting (saving cord allowed)
  • Delivery room filming and photography allowed for vaginal births
  • Instant skin-to-skin contact (even after c-section)
  • Private delivery room with a birthing mirror and light settings

Make sure to have a conversation with your OBGYN about your plan to discuss which options are best for you. Get started on your Personalized Birth Plan and keep your pregnancy journey on course!

Stay With Ease