Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a local Board of Directors, a group of community leaders who dedicate their services to furthering the work and mission of the Foundation. We thank them for sharing their time and talents. Members of the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors include:

Rev. Larry Stafford, Board Chairman, is a retired minister of First United Methodist Church and has been in our community for 20 years. He has served on the board of St. Francis Medical Center and was appointed by that board to the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation Board. Rev. Stafford previously served the Foundation board as the Secretary/Treasurer

"I think it is important to be involved in a community and assume accountability for quality of life in that community. Working with the St. Francis Foundation is worthy of my time and efforts and is simply one way I believe I can influence community improvement."

John Luffey, Past Board Chairman, has practiced law in Monroe since 1977 and is a Board Certified Tax Attorney and an Estate Planning and Administration Specialist as certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and a lifelong resident of Monroe. John has been affiliated with St. Francis Medical Center since 2007, where he continues to serve as a trustee to the Board of Directors. He completed his term as Chair of the St. Francis Medical Center Board in 2012 and was appointed to the board of the Foundation that same year. The Luffey family has a long-standing relationship with St. Francis, which is valued by the community and hospital alike.

"The Luffey family is a St. Francis family as both my father and uncle worked in community support of the Franciscan Sisters in the earlier days of the hospital in Monroe. I am proud to assume that legacy and continue that tradition. I value my leadership time with both St. Francis Medical Center and the Foundation as the hospital confronts many national, state and local healthcare issues. St. Francis is a valued cornerstone in Northeast Louisiana and I personally want to contribute to the sustainability of this quality healthcare institution for our community."

Other board members include:

Judge Milton Moore (Secretary/Treasurer)
William Sparks
Debbie Luffey
Alan Brockman
Jonathan Perry
Evelyn Johnson
Roderick Worthy
Stuart Keyes
Malcolm Maddox
Laura Marchelos
Charles Marsala
Nell Seegers
Cindy Woodard
Hillary Sirmon
John Davis, MD
Steve Taylor
Donnie Byars
Amber Shemwell, MD
Sr. Mary Ann Sepulvado
Aimee Kane
Bill Haley
Kristin Wolkart